Environmental Forestry Support

MB&G’s Environmental staff are well trained in evaluating habitats using the most current survey protocols and navigating the regulatory requirements throughout the Western U.S. Our team offers a comprehensive array of expertise to assist clients during every phase of project design and permitting.

When timber is harvested near streams, a standard practice is to put riparian management area (RMA) prescriptions in place. A RMA is defined as “an area along each side of specified waters of the state within which vegetation retention and special management practices are required for the protection of water quality, hydrologic functions, and fish and wildlife habitat.” MB&G can provide services to help with this process.

Wetland and Stream Delineations. Our staff includes certified Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS) with many years of experience providing wetland and stream delineations, documentation, and permit support for public and private projects. The MB&G wetland group has an exceptional reputation with a 100% acceptance rating for all wetland delineations submitted to the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL).


Stream and Wetland Functional Assessments. We routinely perform stream and wetland functional assessments using the Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol (ORWAP) and the Stream Function Assessment Method (SFAM) throughout Oregon. Our staff have the qualifications to provide clients with the proper assessments to support their projects.


Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Leads (CESCLs). Our CESCLs are immediately available to ensure compliance for your projects located throughout Oregon and Washington. MB&G CESCLs meet all state certification requirements to support federal and state stormwater, sediment, and erosional control standards. Our staff perform site inspections, long-term monitoring, and prescribe erosion control measures.

Northern Spotted Owl. MB&G has performed Northern Spotted Owl protocol surveys, biological assessments, Endangered Species Act documentation, and habitat assessments for many clients. We have also helped manage properties as part of a forest management plan to provide support for old-growth associated species like the northern spotted owl.