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Forest Planning and Economics

MB&G’s staff of forest economists and planners provide high level services on a variety of forest planning, policy and economic topics. Our depth of forestry experience and long history gives us a unique perspective on difficult questions.

Forest Certification

MB&G has helped clients prepare for procurement system and chain of custody certification since 2004. Our staff is well versed in both the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, as well as the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Policy and Market Analysis

MB&G’s senior staff provide high-level services on a variety of forest policy topics. Our long-standing practice of providing unbiased opinions results in work that enjoys credibility across diverse stakeholder groups. With our knowledge of timber and timberland markets, we have the capacity to help clients understand current and future market dynamics.

Forest Planning

Our forest planners work with public and private sector forestland managers to develop forest management plans that meet the client’s objectives. With expertise in forest economics, harvest scheduling, and growth and yield modeling, we find the best way to meet our clients’ management objectives.

Inventory and Biometrics

MB&G has long been known for expertise in forest biometrics and applied statistics, growth modeling, optimization, and simulation. Our staff demonstrates efficient sampling and estimation methods to improve decision-making while minimizing costs. MB&G is dedicated and passionate about forest inventory.

Cruise Management

A principal area of expertise at MB&G is timber inventory design and cruising. MB&G oversees design and data collection on 25,000+ cruise plots each year. We have the statistical and sampling expertise to analyze forest inventory data and design a cost efficient and robust forest inventory.

Inventory Verification

Our field-based inventory verification efforts provide a check on an entire inventory system by presenting the opportunity to complete a “cruise to inventory” comparison. A randomly selected sample of stands are cruised and the results are compared to the existing inventory database.

Transaction Due Diligence

MB&G conducts a detailed assessment of a timberland property in a short amount of time. We can analyze a seller’s inventory and GIS data, create a set of long-term yield tables, and develop a harvest scheduling model. Our experienced field foresters can assess stand and road conditions and operability of a tree farm.

Inventory Data Management

MB&G is passionate about forest inventory quality. Our forest analysts team with our in-house software developers, geospatial specialists, and cartographers to create tools and applications specific to the client’s forest inventory data management systems. We can manage your timber inventory data and keep it up to date each year by accounting for growth, harvest, new cruisers, and other adjustments.

Biometrics and Modeling

Our forest biometricians have many years of experience in growth and yield modeling of forest types across the U.S. and internationally. Our services range from testing and recommending the right off-the-shelf growth models for a region and forest type to building new and innovative models to meet client needs.

Appraisal Services

MB&G provides appraisal services throughout North America and around the globe. Our client list includes corporations, investment management organizations, REITs, institutional investors, lenders, conservation organizations, government agencies, and more.

Commercial Timberland

We provide expert timberland appraisal services focusing on large, investment grade commercial timberlands across all forest regions of the U.S. Our staff includes state certified appraisers and MAI’s with education and experience in forest management, finance, and valuation. We excel in producing reports that are well written and provide credible results.

Conservation Lands

Our appraisers have a broad range of experience in the valuation of natural resource lands for conservation easements or fee acquisition for conservation purposes. Since 2010, we have appraised over 320,000 acres of conservation easements and conservation land acquisitions.

International Appraisals

Our appraisers have completed valuation assignments in Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hungary, Panama, Poland, Romania, and Uruguay. Our experience with hardwood plantations has centered around eucalyptus and teak in Latin America.

Integrated Forest Management

We offer turnkey forest management services that are based on meeting our clients’ individual objectives, stewarding the land, and meeting or exceeding regulations. Our land management is tailored to each property and integrates a deep understanding of forestry, wildlife, soil, water quality, aesthetics, social issues, and economics.

Managing Investment Timberland

MB&G manages small and large scale timberland properties for investment clients and companies. We oversee and manage all aspects of the land management operations including timber sale layout and administration, reforestation, silviculture prescriptions, and general property maintenance. We understand investment return drivers and local markets to help you maximize NPV.

Managing Family Forest Lands

MB&G works directly with landowners to figure out what objectives are the most important. People own forestland for many reasons. Whatever the reason, from economic to aesthetic, a professional forester can help you meet your objectives in an efficient and effective way.

Timber Sale Administration

We provide expert foresters to help layout and market your next timber harvest. Our knowledgeable staff understand timber markets and how best to sell trees to capture the most value. Our team can assist with all aspects of the process.

Timber Appraisals

Our team of foresters can provide you with an appraised value of your standing timber. We’ll conduct an inventory, or timber cruise, and then calculate the value of the timber if it were to be sold today, or in the next few years. Our experts can help you understand what type of value you have on your property.

California Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs)

We have five Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) on our team that can assist on a wide variety of projects in the state of California. We provide fuel reduction treatment development and oversight, timber harvest plans (THP), timber marking and cruising, vegetation management, and services related to NEPA, Cal VTP, and CEQA processes.

ISA Certified Arborists

MB&G has several ISA Certified Arborists®, ISA TRAQ Certified Arborists®, and ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified on staff. Our arborists have experience identifying and assessing hazard trees post fire, assessing trees that are hazards to transmission and distribution lines, and assessing general tree health of urban trees.


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As a focused regional firm, MB&G’s biologists, botanists, wetland scientists, and natural resource specialists provide our clients with sound environmental support and guidance. Our staff is highly qualified to conduct natural resource evaluations and assessments, wetland analysis, botanical and biological surveys and inventories. 


MB&G offers services that support our client's diverse and ever expanding GIS needs. Our rich history provides us with a unique perspective when working with complex natural resource data. Our services are structured to support both large and small scale projects.  


Fire season is starting earlier and lasting longer, which has caused more damage than our communities are used to seeing. In the wake of such destructive events, we have stepped up our efforts to help protect what remains and set up areas on the road to recovery.