Highlighting MB&G’s Fisheries Work – ESG’s 25 Year Anniversary

MB&G is excited to share that 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of our Environmental Services Group (ESG). Throughout 2022, this important milestone will be commemorated by looking back at the group’s formation, highlighting a few key projects, and featuring current work.

MB&G biologists routinely perform fish surveys in support of regulatory requirements including the Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation process. Our fish biologists are well-trained in the physical and biological elements that factor into assessing fish passage obstructions and those effects on local fish populations. Our biologists also facilitate fish passage mitigation for projects that have a higher appreciable benefit to migratory fish and higher ecological return on capital investments by providing passage at an off-site location. We offer competitive rates to perform quick field services such as fish salvage and relocation or more thorough due diligence analysis.

We have experience planning, permitting, conducting, and reporting on fish population sampling projects and in-water construction projects that require fish salvage and relocation efforts. We have successfully completed fish sampling or salvage operations in every major watershed in Oregon.