MB&G Wraps Up Work On ODOT Hazard Tree Debris Removal Monitoring Services Project

The ODOT Hazard Tree Debris Removal Monitoring Services team celebrated the end of two years of work on this incredible project, which provided hazard tree assessments, erosion and sediment control oversight, and environmental compliance throughout each of the fire corridors from the Oregon 2020 Labor Day Fires.

Our environmental compliance specialists identified sensitive and regulated resources and worked with a wide variety of contractors and stakeholders to ensure work was conducted in a manner that met our client’s needs and was compliant with all permit conditions. Our staff worked in remote locations and major transportation corridors impacted by wildfires, and assessed and noted sensitive habitat features near waterways, wetlands, and those regulated by federal, state, and local environmental laws.

Our foresters and ISA certified arborists conducted post-fire hazard tree assessments, which included tree inventories, tree risk assessments, and prepared reports on their findings.

The team had an outdoor farewell party, with food and awards for the incredible staff who made this clean up happen. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this incredible project.