National Wildfire Awareness Month – Oregon Wildfire Debris Management Task Force

For a more thorough overview visit the Oregon Wildfire Debris Management Task Force’s story map: Step 2 Cleanup Progress ( 

May is National Wildfire Awareness Month, and after two years of work the ODOT Hazard Tree Debris Removal Monitoring Services project is nearly complete. This project involved the cleanup of debris caused by the 2020 western Oregon wildfires, and MB&G has been at the forefront of the hazard tree evaluation and removal process, providing hazard tree assessments, erosion and sediment control oversight, and environmental compliance throughout each of the fire corridors. As the project wraps up, the entire team has completed clean up on 3,012 lots, removed 89,160 hazard trees, and removed 158,689 tons of ash and debris to date. We are humbled knowing that as this cleanup comes to an end, more families can start the rebuilding process and get back in their homes.