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Wildfire Hazard Management

MB&G has been at the forefront providing hazard tree assessments, erosion and sediment control oversight, and environmental compliance throughout fire corridors to assist with post-wildfire events.

Hazard Tree Assessments

MB&G is experienced in post-fire tree assessments, including those seeking FEMA reimbursement, and can provide experienced ISA Certified Arborists®, ISA TRAQ Certified Arborists to complete projects in a timely manner. Our hazard tree assessments include tree inventories, tree risk assessments, and preparing reports findings.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Leads (CESCLs) ensure compliance, and MB&G CESCLs meet all certification requirements to support federal and state stormwater, sediment, and erosional control standards. Our staff perform site inspections, long-term monitoring, and prescribe erosion control measures.

Environmental Compliance

Our environmental compliance specialists identify sensitive and regulated resources and provide potential solutions. Our staff work in major transportation corridors impacted by wildfires and assess and note sensitive habitat features near waterways, wetlands, and/or those regulated by federal state, and local environmental laws.

Wildfire Planning

MB&G works to provide preventative measures to mitigate future wildfire catastrophes.

Forest Health & Fuels Management

We provide forest health and fuels management expertise, including identifying fuel breaks, designing treatments to treat ladder fuels and reduce density, and oversight and management of tree removal. Project work includes work for local government, RCD’s, PG&E, utilities, nonprofits, federal landowners, and private landowners.


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MB&G recognizes the complexity of managing lands. They are more than a commodity, they are our client's natural capital. Lands require stewardship and care. We work with our clients to understand their objectives and provide the required expertise. 


As a focused regional firm, MB&G’s biologists, botanists, wetland scientists, and natural resource specialists provide our clients with sound environmental support and guidance. Our staff is highly qualified to conduct natural resource evaluations and assessments, wetland analysis, botanical and biological surveys and inventories. 


MB&G offers services that support our client's diverse and ever expanding GIS needs. Our rich history provides us with a unique perspective when working with complex natural resource data. Our services are structured to support both large and small scale projects.